Arrange for a CAFOD volunteer to visit your parish Confirmation group now!

Our enthusiastic team of youth volunteers are visiting parishes around the Westminster Diocese to talk to Confirmation groups about putting their faith into action by supporting CAFOD.

CAFOD Westminster’s team of youth volunteers are ready to visit your parish Confirmation group now!

CAFOD’s volunteers offer a wide variety of talks and activities for young people, ranging from short presentations and video clips to longer interactive workshops. By arranging for a CAFOD volunteer to visit, you will help young people preparing to be confirmed to better understand what it means to be a member of the Catholic Church. They will learn about some of the ways in which they can put their faith into action and actively spread the word of God by helping their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

One of the possible group activities is the ever popular World Values Auction, in which teams of candidates assume the roles of CAFOD partners from around the world and must then use that person’s funds to bid for the resources needed for a decent quality of life. As the game plays out, the vast gap between the world’s rich and poor quickly become clear as those from developing countries find it hard to compete with their richer neighbours. This and other activities are an engaging way of showing young people that being an adult member of the Church means more than just attending mass.

Having a CAFOD volunteer lead a workshop with your confirmation group is a fantastic way to encourage young people to engage with the Church on a wider level. If you would like a CAFOD volunteer to visit your parish Confirmation group, contact the CAFOD Westminster office by phone on 028 449 6970 or by email at

The CAFOD website has all the resources necessary to run a presentation or workshop on CAFOD. These can help you to decide what activities you might want a volunteer to do with the group, or you may even use them to do your own presentation on CAFOD. To view the full range of possible activities, click here.

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