Parishioners at the Church of Christ the King in Cockfosters share a simple soup lunch for CAFOD

Our thanks go out to Giulia Kemp and the parishioners at the Church of Christ the King in Cockfosters who recently held a simple soup lunch to raise money for CAFOD’s harvest appeal.

Giulia, parish catechist, and Suzanne, parish secretary, serving soup to the gathered parishioners.

On Friday 5 October, CAFOD supporters gathered in the church hall to share a frugal lunch in solidarity with the 925 million people around the world who go to bed hungry each night.

Later that evening, primary school children from Vita et Pax parish, who meet for fencing club each week, were inspired to give up their usual post-practice cakes and treats in favour of a more modest meal of bread and jam.

The Vita et Pax fencing club show their support for CAFOD’s work with the hungry.

In total, the event raised £121.47, enough to buy 40 chickens to provide an extra source of food and income for families in Zambia.

Thanks once again to Giulia Kemp for organising the event and to everyone who participated or contributed.

A soup lunch is just one of many great ways to raise money to help CAFOD’s work with the hungry. If you’re thinking of organising a fundraising event in your parish or school CAFOD’s A-Z of fundraising ideas is a great place to get started. You can find it on the CAFOD website by clicking here.

If you would be interested in hearing about how supporting CAFOD helps people living in poverty and would like to arrange for a volunteer to visit your parish or school, contact the CAFOD Westminster office by email at or by phone on 0208 449 6970.

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