SS Michael and Martin RC Primary open their hearts to the hungry

School children in Hounslow have been taking part in CAFOD’s annual Harvest appeal to raise funds to help the poorest children in the world have a brighter future.

SS Michael and Martin pupils show their support for CAFOD’s campaign to help the hungry.

CAFOD volunteer Alana Kristi Balicdang this week visited SS Michael and Martin RC Primary School to talk to them about CAFOD’s work helping those without enough to eat. Using interactive workshops and presentations, Alana encouraged the children to consider what it would be like to live in hunger, and inspired them to think about what their families could do to help those that need it most.

This Harvest, CAFOD is aiming to encourage children to make a place at their table for children such as 9-year-old schoolboy Gift, from Zambia. For many years Gift’s family lived in poverty. When times were tough, they had to eat pumpkin leaves to survive, and his mother became too weak to walk. With CAFOD’s support they turned their lives around and now keep a thriving vegetable garden and livestock. Gift’s life has changed for the better, he has a healthy future ahead and the extra money his family earns ensures he can keep going to school.

Gift said: “When I see the tomatoes grow, I know my mum will be happy. We have a little bit more money now and that’s good because we can eat more food.”

The pupils use drawings to reflect on those people living in hunger around the world.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Alana, SS Michael and Martin and all the parishes and schools in London and Hertfordshire for their support of our annual Harvest Fast Day. Whether it be through fundraising and donating or simply inviting a CAFOD volunteer to talk, your support will make a tremendous difference this harvest.

To arrange for a CAFOD volunteer to give a talk at your school or parish, contact us by email at or by phone on 0208 449 6970.

Why not organise your own event to help raise money and awareness for CAFOD’s harvest appeal? In the past parishes have come up with a wide range of fundraising ideas, from cake sales to choir concerts to selling home-grown produce. For more ideas to get you started on organising an event for your own parish or school, check out the A-Z of fundraising ideas on the CAFOD website here.

We always love to hear about your events and activities and may even feature them on our blog! If you want to tell us about an event you can email your stories and pictures to

Thanks once again to all the schools and parishes that support CAFOD each harvest, and to all our volunteers who give talks. Your support will help to make a real difference to the lives of the hungry this harvest.

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