Royal Parks Half Marathon for CAFOD!

Well done to Rachel Caterer who has successfully completed her latest challenge for CAFOD – her first half marathon.

Rachel Caterer and Gary Hall celebrate after completing the half marathon for CAFOD

On Sunday 7 October, her birthday, Rachel entered the Royal Parks Half Marathon, an exciting 13 mile run through four of London’s Royal Parks. Running with her friend Gary Hall, who was also raising money for CAFOD, Rachel finished the course in a speedy 2 hours and 22 minutes.

“I can’t think of a better way to have spent my 45th birthday,” said Rachel, with only a small amount of tongue in cheek, “I’d like to thank everyone for all your support, messages and donations. It has all helped to keep me focussed and to have been fit enough to actually really enjoy the run.”

Rachel’s inspiration came from stories such as that of Halima in Nigeria, who used to walk for miles to find clean water before CAFOD helped to provide her with a rainwater collecting tank. Rachel said:

“It is when I read stories such as that of Halima that I know what motivates me to run. If Halima could walk for hours every day to fetch water I knew I could run for a couple of hours to ensure that the money you give makes a difference.”


Rachel is well on target to reach her fundraising goal of £500, enough to buy two rainwater collecting tanks which will provide clean water to 10 families in the developing world.

Thanks once again to Rachel and Gary and to all who helped them in their efforts to support CAFOD.

Fancy taking part in a sponsored run with a festive twist? Warm up this winter by joining CAFOD in the second annual Nativity Run! This is a great chance for the whole family to raise money for CAFOD and keep fit together, all while dressed as your favourite characters from the Nativity. To find out more, click here.

Not into sport but want to help? You can find a full range of fundraising ideas, from cake sales to rock concerts, in our A-Z of fundraising on the CAFOD website by clicking here.

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