St Elizabeth’s students make a place at their table for those without enough to eat

Students at St Elizabeth’s Centre in Much Hadham recently welcomed schools volunteer Maggie Baker, who guided them in a range of food based activities as part of CAFOD’s Harvest appeal to raise awareness for people around the world who do not have enough to eat.

Students from St Elizabeth’s Centre celebrate Harvest Fast Day by remembering those without enough to eat.

The gathering of children and young people showed great enthusiasm for CAFOD’s work as they got involved in a number of multi-sensory activities using props such as fruits and vegetables.

After the presentation, the students held a special liturgy for CAFOD and a Fast Day lunch with the theme of sharing around a table. Many of them had decorated plates for the event and others had prepared soup to share.

One student, Lewis, was so moved by the stories of people living without enough food that he immediately decided to take up a collection for CAFOD. Inspired by the statistic that the £4 he spends on lunch each day is enough to buy a child in the developing world school lunches for a month, Lewis went on to collect enough for 17 months worth of meals.

Lewis raising donations for CAFOD with an improvised collection bucket and sheets of Harvest Fast Day stickers.

CAFOD volunteer Victoria Ahmed, who accompanied Maggie to the school, said:

“I’m glad I went along and joined in the celebration with such a warm and caring community. They do a lot for CAFOD and they wanted to make a splash with this event that they worked so hard to prepare for.”

We’d like to say a big thank you to Maggie for helping to spread the word about CAFOD’s work and to the students at St Elizabeth’s for giving her such a warm welcome.

If you would be interested in hearing about how supporting CAFOD helps people living in poverty and would like to arrange for a volunteer to visit your parish or school, contact the CAFOD Westminster office by email at or by phone on 0208 449 6970.

Want to support CAFOD by organising your own fundraising event but need some ideas on how to do so? Check out our A – Z of fundraising ideas on the CAFOD website by clicking here.

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