North London school children make a place at their table for those without enough to eat

School visits for Harvest Fast Day 2012 have begun!

CAFOD Westminster’s team of schools volunteers are ready to visit a school near you!

School children from across North London and Hertfordshire are finding out how they can take part in CAFOD’s annual Harvest appeal to help the world’s poorest children have a brighter future.

CAFOD volunteers are bringing interactive workshops, presentations and campaign card signings to schools throughout the diocese in order to raise awareness that one in seven people around the world will be going to bed hungry tonight. We have already made visits to schools in Barnet, Cheshunt, Haringey, Harrow, Hornsey, Hounslow, Willesden, Watford and Ware.

We are also encouraging schools to hold a Fast Day meal where children share food and raise money for people around the world who do not have enough to eat. Some schools are also staging their own Harvest festivals and fêtes to raise money.

Hunger is the world’s biggest health risk, killing more people annually than the combined effect of diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. This year, nearly one billion people will be living with hunger, millions of them children.

This Harvest, CAFOD is aiming to encourage children to make a place at their table for children such as Gift, from Zambia. For many years Gift’s family lived in terrible poverty. When times were tough, they had to eat pumpkin leaves to survive, and his mother became too weak to walk. With CAFOD’s support they turned their lives around and now keep a thriving vegetable garden and livestock. Gift’s life has changed for the better, he has a healthy future ahead and the extra money his family earns ensures he can keep going to school.

Gift said: “When I see the tomatoes grow, I know my mum will be happy. We have a little bit more money now and that’s good because we can eat more food.”

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the parishes and schools in North London and Hertfordshire for their support of our annual Harvest Fast Day. Whether it be through fundraising and donating or simply inviting a CAFOD volunteer to talk, your support will make a tremendous difference this harvest.

Schools volunteer Nalini inspiring young minds this harvest.

Harvest is a time to celebrate the gifts of the land and remember the 925 million people – that’s one in seven of the world’s population – who can’t buy or grow enough food to feed themselves and their families. The money raised by schools this harvest will go a long way, providing emergency food for those living in famine and helping communities to tackle hunger in the long term. Just £4 is enough to buy school lunches for a child in Cambodia, while £26 buys everything a family needs to grow rice in Bangladesh and £300 provides ten goats for families living in Zambia.

CAFOD’s annual Harvest Fast Day takes place this year on Friday, October 5. For background or fundraising resources or to get involved with CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day, go to

To arrange for a CAFOD volunteer to give a talk at your school or parish, contact us by email at or by phone on 0208 449 6970.

Why not organise your own event to help raise money and awareness for CAFOD’s harvest appeal? In the past parishes come up with a wide range of fundraising ideas, from cake sales to choir concerts to selling home-grown produce. For more ideas to get you started on organising an event for your own parish or school, check out the A-Z of fundraising ideas on the CAFOD webiste here.

We always love to hear about your events and activities and may even feature them on our blog! If you want to tell us about an event you can email your stories and pictures to

Thanks once again to all the schools and parishes that support CAFOD each harvest, and to all our volunteers who give talks. Your support will help to make a real difference to the lives of the hungry this harvest.

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