Small People of God Raise Awareness for CAFOD

A big thank you to the Small People of God (SPOG) group from Tring who have been raising awareness for CAFOD at their parish, the RC Church of Corpus Christi.

Five young volunteers, aged between 6 and 13, waited outside the church and offered to wash congregants’ cars while they attended Mass, all in the name of spreading the word about CAFOD.

But SPOG’s generosity doesn’t end there; the group is already making plans for a fundraising scavenge and bake-off for Harvest Fast Day, which would involve gathering wild fruits such as blackberries and using them to make delicious pies and desserts.

CAFOD’s current Hungry for Change campaign is aiming to make resolving hunger a global priority by drawing attention to the one billion people around the world who do not have enough food. With the campaign in full swing and Harvest Fast Day approaching, activities like SPOG’s planned scavenge and bake off which encourage people to think about the world’s food issues are a fantastic way to raise both money and awareness.

To learn more about why food is so important to CAFOD, download our Food for Thought leaflet by clicking here.

If you want to get your parish, school or community involved in supporting the hungry this harvest, CAFOD’s A-Z of fundraising is cornucopia of ideas to get you started. You can find it on the CAFOD website by clicking here.

Thanks once again to SPOG for their wonderful efforts, keep up the good work! To all those speaking at Mass this weekend, good luck and thank you all for your support of CAFOD.

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