CAFOD partner Father John Webootsa says ‘Thank you Catholic Women’s League!’

We would like to say a big thank you to Christine Pugh and the other members of the Cockfosters branch of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) for giving CAFOD partner Father John Webootsa a warm welcome when he visited them at their meeting on Wednesday 12 September.

Father John Webootsa with members of the Cockfosters branch of the Catholic Women’s League

Father John came to the Catholic Church of Christ the King, Oakwood, to talk to around 40 members and friends of the CWL about his work in Kenya with CAFOD’s partner organisation, St John’s Sports Society. The society works to bring sporting opportunities to young people living in Korogocho, a low-income, informal settlement of around 150,000 people located in East Nairobi, Kenya. Father John, who has himself lived and worked in the slum for the past seven years in order to better help its residents, said:

“So many young people in Korogocho feel the need to turn to crime to make a living. We are trying to use sport and other means to lead them away from this and give them the opportunity for a better quality of life.”

Speaking of the support the sports centre receives from CAFOD, Father John said:

“Our big motivation is that we are not alone. It is good to come [to the UK] and feel the solidarity we share with our brothers and sisters here. Even though we are far apart, we share the same aims for Korogocho and that thought helps us to continue our work.”

Father John delivers his talk to the CWL.

Christine Pugh, the Chair of the CWL’s Cockfosters branch, said:

“It was a fascinating talk and everyone here was very inspired. The CWL raises a lot of money for charities including CAFOD so it was rewarding to hear how some of that money is helping. The CWL was instrumental in the founding of CAFOD 50 years ago and we have been strong supporters ever since. We hope to continue to support the great work of CAFOD and its partners in the future.”

Thank you once again to all those who attended or helped to organise the event, to Father John for delivering an interesting and inspiring talk and to the Catholic Women’s League for their continued support of CAFOD and its partners.

Without your support, the work of organisations such as CAFOD and St John’s Sports Society would not be able to continue. With Harvest Fast Day coming up, now is the perfect time to organise a fundraising event to help support the work of people like Father John. To find out more about Harvest Fast Day and how you can help, visit the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day webpage by clicking here.

You can help fight injustice through an action as simple as signing your name. As part of the Hungry for Change Campaign, CAFOD is currently petitioning Prime Minister David Cameron to help make fair distribution of food a priority. Please sign the online petition, which can be found at, and tell your friends to do the same.

Here is a slideshow of all the photos taken at the event:

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One thought on “CAFOD partner Father John Webootsa says ‘Thank you Catholic Women’s League!’

  1. I was very inspired by Father John’s talk and the example he is showing by living with his congregation. A true role model for practising what you preach.

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