Running for Rainwater – Half marathon for CAFOD

CAFOD volunteer Rachel Caterer is getting warmed up to take on her latest challenge – her first half marathon.

CAFOD volunteer Rachel Caterer

Rachel will be entering the Royal Parks Half Marathon, an exciting 13 mile run through four of London’s Royal Parks, in order to raise money for CAFOD. As if that wasn’t enough of a show of dedication, the event is scheduled to take place on 7 October, her birthday.

Rachel’s inspiration comes from stories such as that of Halima in Nigeria, who used to walk for miles to find clean water before CAFOD helped to provide her with a rainwater collecting tank. Rachel said:

“It is when I read stories such as those of Halima that I know what motivates me to run. It is her story which I will hold in my heart when the going gets tough. If Halima could walk for hours every day to fetch water I will run for a couple of hours to ensure that the money you give makes a difference.”

Rachel hopes to raise a total of £500, enough to buy two rainwater collecting tanks which will provide clean water to 10 families in the developing world. To help her reach her goal you can donate to her JustGiving page which can be found here.

A half marathon is just one of many ways to raise money for CAFOD through your love of sport. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist or climber, CAFOD has the fundraising event for you. To find out how to get involved, visit the CAFOD sponsored events page by clicking here.

Not into sport but want to help? You can find a full range of fundraising ideas, from cake sales to rock concerts, in our A-Z of fundraising which you can download here.

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