Mauá appeal – Evictions suspended

We are pleased to report that the eviction order for the Mauá Hotel has been halted.

This great news follows a campaign organised by CAFOD and APOIO, CAFOD’s partner organisation in Brazil, which called for a stop to the eviction. CAFOD’s petition was met with an incredible outpouring of support from across England and Wales, with more than 5000 people sending emails, messages and signatures demanding that the Brazilian authorities take notice and overturn the order.

The residents of Mauá gather in the courtyard.

In July CAFOD received news that the evictions had been halted, but a surprise judicial movement meant that the date for the eviction was merely suspended until 21 August for procedural reasons. This time, the suspension is based on the strength of the communities’ case and the massive levels of local and international support it has received. With no future eviction date set so far and the case being seriously considered by the authorities, this is a tremendous victory for the people of Mauá.

Osmar Borges of APOIO said:

“We don’t have a final decision yet but your support has been very important in achieving this step forward. The Mauá families are not on the streets today and we want to celebrate this victory with you. We hope that soon we will be able to celebrate the final victory with you. Long live Mauá, long live APOIO, long live CAFOD supporters!”

Mauá was among the communities which diocesan manager Tony Sheen visited during his pilgrimage to Brazil last year. While there, he met with the residents and saw how they had worked to transform the dilapidated building into a safe home.

Tony Sheen (right) with Mauá youth leader William

Neti, Mauá’s community representative, said:

“The court has granted a suspension of the eviction sentence. This means that the Mauá community continues, thank God. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with relief, I am so happy. Long live the Mauá residents!”

Thank you to everyone who took action to help in this campaign. Your wonderful efforts, such as that of Paul Rutland-Barsby and the parishioners from The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph’s in Hertford, added to the huge levels of international solidarity and support which the plight of the people of Mauá has attracted.

You can find more information about the suspension on the main CAFOD blog by clicking here. To read more of the letters sent by Neti and Osmar, visit the Connect2 blog which can be found here.

Check back here for future updates on the community at Mauá and be sure to keep them and all those facing poverty and injustice in your thoughts and prayers.

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