CAFOD Volunteers are Hungry for Change at V!

Volunteer Nathan Nye talks about his experience campaigning with CAFOD at V Festival 2012. 

On the weekend starting Friday 17th August, I volunteered for CAFOD at the Virgin Music festival, Chelmsford (V Festival).

I joined a group of 16 CAFOD volunteers hungry for change. We were at V Festival to take action on  CAFOD’s newest campaign, ‘Hungry for Change’, which is motivated by the fact one in seven people around the world goes to bed hungry. Next year, the UK hosts the G8, a crucial opportunity to put food high on the global agenda. So, armed with a pen and our petitions we set out on Saturday afternoon to talk to festival-goers and ask them to sign our petition calling on David Cameron to put power back into the hands of the poorest.

There was almost none stop beautiful sunshine and great music. Everyone was keen to hear about CAFOD’s new campaign, especially as we were calling on David Cameron to take action. Young adults don’t have as many opportunities to hear about CAFOD campaigns because they have left school and have often stopped attending church whilst at university. Campaigning at V Festival gave us the opportunity to get thousands of young people interested and involved in a huge worldwide issues.

CAFOD had a stall set up with campaign information, massive Jenga and coconut shy, which made our little corner of the festival a fun place to be. Denise, CAFOD Brentwood Diocese manager, and her husband Stuart looked after the volunteers when we returned from roaming and told off Louis from One Direction for hiding behind our tent- he was in danger of being hit by a stray coconut shy ball.

I was lucky enough to see some of my favourite bands, including Noel Gallagher, Stone Roses and Killers. I know that the other volunteers had an equally fun and fulfilling time as I had.  Volunteering with CAFOD gives me the opportunity to take part in fun campaigning actions like at V Festival and at the upcoming Green Belt Festival.


Volunteer with CAFOD and you could take part in V, Greenbelt, or a number of other events.  You can also use your skills to help in your parish, in your school, in our office, even while running!   It’s a great opportunity to make a difference for the developing world while building your own experiences and having fun!

For more information about volunteering for CAFOD, visit our Volunteering Page, or contact CAFOD Westminster at or 0208 449 6970.



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