The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph’s takes action against injustice in Brazil

Our thanks go out to Paul Rutland-Barsby and parishioners from The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph’s in Hertford for their overwhelming show of support for CAFOD’s ongoing campaign to stop the eviction of Mauá and other similar settlements in Brazil.

Tony Sheen (left) receives the completed petitions from parish volunteer Paul Rutland-Barsby (right). The message on the poster reads “Solidarity and prayers from England”.

A total of 85 members of the parish signed the petitions, which parish volunteer Paul displayed after Mass, helping to show international support and solidarity with the people of Mauá in their struggle to keep their home.

As you may remember reading in our earlier blog posts, the aim of the appeal is to prevent the eviction of more than 1000 people living in abandoned buildings in the centre of São Paolo, Brazil.

CAFOD’s first petition to stop the evictions, which ran in July, was met with an overwhelming response, with over 3000 signatures collected across England and Wales. Although the campaign initially appeared to have been successful, a surprise court ruling meant that the eviction was merely postponed until 21 August 2012. CAFOD immediately launched a new appeal which aims to overturn this legislation and put a stop to these evictions once and for all.

The Mauá Hotel was one of the partner communities visited by Tony Sheen during his pilgrimage to Brazil last year. There he saw how the formerly homeless residents of what was once the Mauá Hotel had worked hard to turn the derelict building into a safe and secure home.

There is still time to take action to support this campaign. Please do sign CAFOD’s online petition, if you have not done so already, and encourage as many people as possible to do the same. You can find the petition here:

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