Mauá appeal – Authorities set new eviction date

Following an overwhelming response to CAFOD’s petition to stop the evictions of thousands of people living in abandoned buildings in São Paolo, Brazil, we received news that the eviction orders had been suspended and that authorities were looking into long-term social housing plans for the threatened communities.

The Mauá building

Unfortunately, we have now been informed by APOIO, our partner organisation in Brazil, that these families are still at risk of losing their homes.

It has been announced that, due to an unexpected court ruling, the evictions will go ahead on 21 August. This shocking news came just days after the residents of Mauá and its neighbouring buildings received the good news that the evictions were to be halted.

Osmar Borges, a representative from APOIO, said:

“We have now one more month to work to try and prevent a dire situation facing these homeless families. Such is our struggle: one round finishes and a new one comes up. More than ever, we need to work hard to involve the public authorities and the government so they can take action urgently. They have the power to overturn this decision.

“CAFOD’s petition and international support are essential to us. It gives us strength; it shows we are not alone, and that the plight of the families has huge support.”

CAFOD has launched a new petition demanding that the ruling be overturned and the evictions stopped completely. The efforts of CAFOD supporters such as Cynthia McCormack and her parish group from St Joan of Arc’s, Highbury, who collected dozens of signatures at St Joan of Arc’s RC Primary School Fayre, helped us to gather more than 3600 signatures with our last petition. Your signatures really could make a difference to the lives of hundreds of vulnerable families, so please do sign and share the petition with as many people as possible. Please sign the online petition at:

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