Great news from Brazil – São Paolo evictions halted!

Many of you may well be aware of CAFOD’s recent appeal for signatures to prevent the eviction of thousands of people from their homes in São Paolo, Brazil. We have just received an update from our partner organisation APOIO – the evictions have been stopped!

Residents of Mauá celebrating the second year of their occupation in 2009.

The Brazilian authorities have agreed, not only to suspend the eviction of the Mauá Hotel and other similar settlements, but to conduct an investigation into the possibility of turning a number of the buildings into social housing. Regardless of the results of this study, São Paolo authorities have announced that the 660 families living in Mauá and the neighbouring Prestes Maia settlement will be guaranteed social housing in the centre of the city.

One of Mauá’s youth leaders, William, receiving your letters of support and solidarity last year.

An enormous thank you is due to all those of you who contributed to the appeal with your signatures and prayers. Through efforts such as that of Cynthia McCormack and the group that brought the petition to St Joan of Arc’s RC Primary School Summer Fayre, CAFOD’s petition was signed by more than 3000 people, showing both the Brazilian government and the people of Mauã that we are with them in solidarity. Your actions have made an incredible difference to thousands of lives.

APOIO’s Coordinator, Osmar Borges, thanked CAFOD for its support, saying:

“The public visibility given to the situation of the families in Mauá and the other occupations meant that carrying out the evictions would have been untenable politically. Many thanks for all the support that CAFOD has given us. I am sure that all of you who expressed your support in England and Wales will be very happy, just like we are, with this news.”

Thanks once again to all of you who got involved in this or any of CAFOD’s campaigns. To find out more about everything CAFOD is working on, and how you can help, click here.

A great way to show ongoing international solidarity with those in need is to get your parish involved in CAFOD’s Connect2 programme. To find out more click here.

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