CAFOD careers at St Martha’s Convent School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank St Martha’s Convent School, Hadley Wood, for inviting CAFOD volunteers Nathan Nye and Maureen Mogg to their careers fair on Friday 29th June.

In amongst the scientists, lawyers, dancers, psychiatrists, engineers, teachers, and gap year representatives, the CAFOD stall run by Nathan and Maureen stood out as Headmaster James Sheridan said “the most colourful”.   

The main aim of the stall was to inform the pupils of the career prospects within CAFOD including campaigns, fundraising, media, policy, development, advocacy and HR. Nathan and Maureen gave advice and spoke about their experiences as volunteers. CAFOD has many opportunities for young people to volunteer in fundraising, campaigning, praying or even to organise their own events. There was a particularly enthusiastic response from the girls to the idea of organising their own fundraising events. With university applications on the horizon, organising a fundraising or campaigning event would be ideal experience for a personal statement.

Nathan and Maureen gave out as many leaflets and fliers as they could on careers, volunteering, campaigns, fundraising ideas and even recycling. Many young people consider a career in international development after volunteering with charities like CAFOD and witnessing the life changing work they do for people in some of the poorest countries in the world. The girls at St Martha’s were keen to ask questions on CAFOD’s gap year scheme, ‘Step into the Gap’ and upcoming CAFOD events.

Maureen commented on, “how inspiring it was to hear the girls talk about the fundraising they had already done and how excited they were at the prospect of taking part in the ‘Great South Run’ on Sunday 28th October”.

If you would like to volunteer with CAFOD please visit us at: or contact us at

Please visit our events page at: 

Over 2000 people face eviction from the Maua building in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Please take action now and sign the ‘stop the eviction’ petition at:

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