Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew to become a livesimply Parish!

Ann Milner, John Scott and their fellow parishioners from Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew, Hitchin, are to become the latest parish to take part in the livesimply award scheme.

The church, which has been a regular supporter of CAFOD for some time, was inspired by the actions of St John Vianney Parish, West Green, who took on the challenge of becoming a livesimply Parish last year.

The award aims to recognise the efforts of members of the Christian faith to adjust to a more sustainable way of life. In order to attain this accolade the parish will need to undertake at least nine actions through which it will put livesimply’s three key principles into practice. These principles are:

  1. To live simply – To take only what we really need from the earth and not demand more and more
  2. To live sustainably – To take account of the impact our choices have on other people and on the earth that nourishes us
  3. To live in solidarity with those living in poverty – To make a strong and lasting commitment to the common good so that all people can live life to the full

There are numerous ways in which Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew might achieve their goal, whether through initiatives they decide on as a parish or by choosing from the 100 suggestions provided by livesimply in their pamphlet. These range from ideas as simple as displaying local public transport information or organising a Walk to Church Sunday to more complex schemes such as switching to renewable energy.

Whatever the actions taken, livesimply is a great way for parishes to come together and make a lasting difference on both a local and global scale. If you are interested in helping your parish get involved, or if you just want to find out more about the livesimply award scheme, please visit http://livesimplyaward.org.uk/.

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