Appeal for Action – Stop the Eviction of Mauá

As you may remember reading in April, the community of Mauá in São Paulo, Brazil, is facing the threat of eviction. In response to this CAFOD has launched a petition calling for the Brazilian authorities to stop the evictions and ensure that the 220 families that live there have a safe and secure home in the future. We need your support!

Mauá is a community of more than 1000 people living in a hotel of the same name which was abandoned 17 years ago due to the owner not paying his taxes. The community includes a large number of children, older people and people with disabilities, all of whom could be made homeless should the eviction take place.

Since their arrival in the building five years ago, the occupants have already succeeded in making improvements to their new home and saving it from demolition. They had started negotiations for legal rights to the hotel with plans to turn it into social housing before they received news of the impending eviction.

Since Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen visited Mauá last year, the community has had strong connections with CAFOD, frequently receiving your messages of hope and solidarity and sending thoughts and updates of their own. Now more than ever they need our continued prayer and our support.

The legislation which is being used for the eviction is based on the claim that the community has only been occupying the hotel since the start of this year and is therefore illegal. This is in spite of evidence that supports the Mauá community’s claim that they have in fact been there for much longer.

Neti, a mother of two who often acts as a representative for the community, is just one of the 1000 formerly homeless people, who will be forced out of their homes should the eviction take place. To show international support for their case, please sign CAFOD’s petition before Friday 6 July and help make sure the people of Mauá can continue to build a strong and secure future for themselves.

The online petition can be found at the following address:

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