A Message From Brazil

The following reflection was sent to us by our friends Eloiza and Zeza in Brazil

Top: Zeza (left) and Eloiza
Bottom: The message reads “Dear CAFOD Westminster, Sending you a hug the size of Brazil, from Eloiza and Zeza.”

The Seeds of God:

 A young man walked into a shop and saw a gentleman on the balcony. Amazed by the beauty of the place, he asked him:

–          “Sir, what do you sell here?”

–          “All the gifts of God,” the man replied.

–          “And are they very expensive?” he asked again.

–          “They do not cost anything. Everything here is free.”

The young man looked around the shop and saw that there were jars of love, glasses of faith, packets of hope, boxes of salvation, tins of wisdom, bundles of forgiveness, big stacks of peace and many other gifts of God.

He gathered courage and asked:

–          “Please, I would like the biggest jar of God’s love, all the bundles of forgiveness and a big glass of faith, for me and for all my family.”

So the gentleman prepared everything and gave him a small bundle that fit in the palm of his hand. Astounded, the man said:

–          “But how can all I asked for be here?”

Smiling, the shopkeeper answered:

–          “My dear brother, in God’s shop we do not sell fruits, only seeds. Plant them!”

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