Spirituality: the Option for the Poor and the Earth?

Donal Dorr (centre) with CAFOD volunteers Kim Burke, Maggie Berine, Alberto Tondello and Frances Stewart

CAFOD supporters gathered together on the last Friday of Lent for a special lecture by theologian Donal Dorr entitled “Option for the poor and the earth”

Donal highlighted a very solid basis in the Bible for making a preferential option for the poor. He pointed out that Jesus himself chose to be one of the poor. The original Aramaic version of the Beatitudes can be translated as “Blessed are we who are poor, Blessed are we who weep…etc.”Jesus identified himself with the poor, the socially excluded and those at the very bottom of society, for which he was criticised by the scribes and Pharisees. Donal made it very clear that is was central to our faith to draw upon Catholic Social teaching and the Bible and help people who are poor and marginalised and to protect our environment, which is facing ecological damage.

He challenged us all to look very closely at our personal lifestyles in light of the ecological problems we are causing and the injustice that the poor and marginalised are facing.

Can we truly live in solidarity with the poor as Jesus did and challenge injustice in our communities, our country, our church and our world?

Perhaps you would like to join other supporters in reflecting on challenging these injustices?  CAFOD is hosting two day retreats for reflection and prayer on working for social justice in our world.  The first retreat will be held on 26th May in Caterham, Surrey, and the second on 8th September in Cockfosters, North London.  Please contact CAFOD Westminster to book a place: 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk.

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