World Youth Day 2013: Make a pilgrimage with CAFOD!

CAFOD is offering a unique opportunity for young adults from the UK to experience World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janerio, and explore the realities of Brazil alongside local communities.

Applications are now being accepted for 10 young adults (18-25 years old) to travel to Brazil for World Youth Day 2013.  The trip will include a week spent in São Paulo with CAFOD’s Partners MDF (Movement for Defence of Shanty Towns) and APOIO, before heading with them to Rio de Janerio for World Youth Day itself. 

MDF and APOIO, as you may remember from Tony’s pilgrimage to Brazil in 2011 (link to posts) are two CAFOD partners who are part of Connect2Brazil.  They work to improve housing and other basic services for those who live in the favelas of São Paulo, Brazil.  APOIO is also currently acting for Mauá, a community occupying an abandoned hotel who have just been threatened with an eviction notice earlier this month.  

The deadline to apply is 4 May 2012.  The cost of the trip will be approximately £2200, and the pilgrims will be expected to raise this themselves.  

For more information, visit the World Youth Day page on Facebook:, or contact CAFOD’s youth team: or 0207 095 5316.  An application form can be downloaded here.

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