Reading to Support the Developing World!

There are few finer things in life than the enjoyment of a good book.  Thanks to one of our volunteers, you can enjoy a good read while helping CAFOD’s poverty-fighting work throughout the world!

Chima Njoku-Latty (centre) conversing with other volunteers.

One of our volunteers, Chima Njoku-Latty, has written a book entitled Thoroughly Modern People.  Described as “a love story for our times,” the novel “explores the power of words, both spoken and unspoken, how they can hurt, heal, and sometimes cause misunderstandings that can derail a life.”

When purchased through the publisher’s website, , 10% of the profits will go to support CAFOD.

So if you are in the market for some new reading material, check out Chima’s book and read for a good cause!

Congratulations to Chima on the publication of her first novel, and many thanks to her and to her publisher, MyDestiny Ltd, for their support of CAFOD.

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