An Easter message from Connect2 Brazil

Zeza (centre) and others in Divineia with messages from CAFOD supporters in England and Wales

Zeza, a CAFOD partner who lives in the Connect2 community in Divineia, writes to us with Easter Greetings:

“To the Communities in England and Wales:  Brazil is experiencing this Lent with great enthusiasm and prayer, and penance, fasting, confession and sharing.  Palm Sunday approaches,  we will give the communities a spontaneous offer, to be destined to this years’ Catholic Church Fraternity Campaign, which is focused on health.

We send prayers this Lent to all the people who have thirst for justice.  And we are preparing together with all those who suffer from war, and discrimination, for the messianic entry of Jesus into Jerusalem riding a young horse as the poor, and hailed as the king of glory. 

That is the man who was born poor, to give hope to those who think they lost it, this is the profile of the only true saviour, whose kingship has its manifestation in the cross.  We walk to celebrate this Easter, commemorating the mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Amen

May health spread among the land of England and Wales and its communities.

Brotherly hugs from Connect 2… Brazil

Happy Easter,


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