“Radical Compassion- This is the voice of the Church, brothers and sisters.”

CAFOD staff and supporters took part in an inspiring ecumenical celebration on Saturday 24th March to mark the 32ndanniversary of the martyrdom of Archbishop Oscar Romero. The service was held in St Martin-in-the-Fields, and was attended by many Christians who are working for Justice and Peace across the South East, including representatives of many agencies such as Progressio, Pax Christi, the Columbans.

(L to R) – The Choir: Jo Siedlecka Independent Catholic News, Ellen Teague Columban’s, Martin Pendergast Romero Trust, Christine Allen Progressio.

  In an inspiring sermon the Right Reverend Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells, recalled the prophetic words of Archbishop Romero:

 “The Church cannot remain silent when it sees these injustices of an economic nature, of a political nature, of a social nature. If it remains silent, the Church is complicit with those who marginalise themselves and are asleep in a conformity that is sickly and sinful, or with those who take advantage of this unawareness of the people to abuse them and corner the market politically and economically, marginalising the immense majority of the people. This is the voice of the Church, brothers and sisters. And as long as they don’t allow us the freedom to proclaim these truths of the gospel, this is a persecution. What we talking about are substantial things, not something of little or no importance. This is a question of life or death for the reign of God on earth.”  (Romero – 24th July 1977)

 Bishop Peter invited us to pray for the grace and courage to follow the crucified – yet risen and ascended one- and to witness to radical compassion and not rebuke him because His Way is too hard.

 The service was organised by the Archbishop Romero Trust for which more information is available at www.romerotrust.org.uk

 The life and work of Oscar Romero continue to be an inspiration to the work of CAFOD both overseas and here in England.  

El Salvador’s Ambassador to Britain, Werner Matias Romero

Why not use one of the many books and reflections that are available as inspiration this Lent? Further details are available at www.cafod.org.uk/worship/romero

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