Make World Water Day the day you Thirst for Change!

Students at St Cross RC Primary School, Hoddesdon, holding the precious gift of water.

St Augustine RC Primary School and St Cross RC Primary School, both of Hoddesdon, are among the latest to Thirst for Change!  CAFOD volunteers Lesley and Angela taught the students of both schools how precious of a gift water is to all life on earth.  The students learned about how Angel and Rosena, two students of their ages from Zambia, were having to miss school just to gather water, and were shocked to see how dirty the water they were gathering might be. 

With today being World Water Day, it is important to reflect on the challenge of water poverty.  Over 784 million people live in situations similar to Rosena and Angel, without access to clean water.  Nearly 2.5 billion people lack basic access to basic sanitation.  There is a lot to be done—a lot we can do—to change this. 

Why not make today the day you Thirst for Change?  Schools, parishes, and many others throughout Westminster have already called upon Prime Minister David Cameron to make the fight against water poverty a priority at the G8 Summit in May.  If you haven’t already, why not take a moment to send Mr Cameron an email, or even write out a personal message on a water droplet to join with your parish, school, family, or friends to make your own River of Change? 

Curious to know what messages people are writing on their water drops?  Visit CAFOD’s Water Wall, where you can click and zoom to see how people are making waves of change.

Special thanks to Angela and Lesley for their efforts inspiring students across the diocese, and to the staff and students of St Augustine RC Primary School and St Cross RC Primary School for welcoming CAFOD into their schools.

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