Schools all over Westminster are Thirsting for Change!

Students throughout Westminster are making waves in the fight against water poverty!

Schools volunteer Susan Harmer inspired students at St Joan of Arc Primary School, Highbury Park, to add their water droplets to the great river of change that will flow on Downing Street in May. 

At The Sacred Heart, Teddington, volunteer Alana Kristi Balicdang showed children how the money they raised went helped people like Zimi in Zimbabwe, who used to have to miss school in order to gather water.

Volunteers Leslie Waite and Angela Bow visited St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Waltham Cross, where the children learned how water is a most precious gift to all life on earth.  

Special thanks for all of the schools in the diocese who have taken part in CAFOD’s school visits for giving us the opportunity to inspire your students.  A gracious thank you also to all of our school volunteers for their drive and commitment in supporting CAFOD.  It is truly very appreciated.  

Perhaps you would like to have a CAFOD assembly or talk in your school?  If you would like to learn more, or if you would like for us to arrange for a volunteer to speak to your students, contact us in the CAFOD Westminster office: 0208 449 6970.

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