A Fast Day Soup Lunch in Cockfosters



Organiser Giulia Kemp (r) with parishioners at the Soup Lunch

Parishioners of the Catholic Church of Christ the King, Cockfosters, marked Lent Fast Day by coming together as a parish community for a homemade soup lunch.   

Organised by volunteer Giulia Kemp, the event featured a courgette and broccoli soup as well as a creamy and delicious lentil and lemon soup made by Giulia and fellow volunteer Kath Barnard.  Together with crusty bread, it was an excellent occasion to enjoy both a simple and delicious meal as well as reflecting on CAFOD’s work in the developing world, helping those for whom hunger and thirst are daily issues.  

This simple event to mark Lent Fast Day had a large impact, raising £300 for CAFOD.   Well done Cockfosters parish!

Parishioners enjoy a delicious meal for CAFOD

Many thanks to Giulia Kemp for organising this event, as well as to all who attended for their generosity. 

Did your parish or school host an event for CAFOD recently?  We’d love to feature your stories on our blog and in our newsletter!  Send pictures and details to westminster@cafod.org.uk.

Don’t forget that the UK Government will make a matching donation for any money you raise before 17th May—pound for pound!   It is not too late to make a splash for the fight against Water Poverty.  For full details on this rare opportunity, visit www.cafod.org.uk/lentmatch.

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