Nicholas Breakspear is Thirsty for Change!

Students of Nicholas Breakspear form a River of Change to present to Downing Street

Pupils of Nicholas Breakspear Roman Catholic School, St Albans, are thirsty for change, and are taking action to urge David Cameron to lead the world in turning the tide on water poverty.   

As part of CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign, the students filled out action cards to send to David Cameron, urging him to call on world leaders at the G8 Summit in May to work together with Britain to turn the tide on water poverty.  They also each wrote a personal message on a water droplet, which they joined together to form a large “river of change.”  This river will join together with other “rivers” made by supporters around the country to form a great river on the steps of Downing Street.   

CAFOD Volunteer Deborah Purfield spoke to the students at Nicholas Breakspear about what life was like for people their age living in water poverty.  She told the students of Rosena and Angel, a teenage brother and sister from Zambia who, until CAFOD installed a borehole in their village, spent nearly six hours each day walking to the nearest river to fetch water.  Demonstrating just how dirty the water they were fetching made a substantial impression on the students. 

With just over two months until the G8 Conference in Chicago, we need to act now to flood Downing Street with a river of change!  What can you do to help us turn the tide on water poverty? 

Perhaps you could speak to your parish or school and inspire them to create their own flood of petitions?  CAFOD has a variety of resources to help you inspire others, even water droplet templates to help your school or parish create its own river of change!  Visit to see the full compliment.  

Perhaps you could organise an event during Lent to raise money for CAFOD?  With the UK Government making a match donation for every pound raised during Lent, the money you raise will have double the impact!

Also, just a reminder that Lent Fast Day is this Friday, 2 March.  We invite you to reflect and pray with us in solidarity with those who do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation, that waters may flow and injustice will be washed away.

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