The CAFOD Quiz at St Matthew’s Northwood

Quiz Master Geoff Kissane during the CAFOD Quiz at St Matthew’s Northwood

What better way to escape from the cold and snow than to challenge yourself and your friends to a good old fashioned quiz night for charity? 

Such was the case at St. Matthew’s Parish in Northwood, where over 50 parishioners braved a hearty winter’s snowfall to have a parish quiz night for CAFOD.  In all, the evening raised £280 for CAFOD.  Well done! 

Many thanks to Laurie and Monica Scudder for organising the evening, and  to the parish community of St Matthew’s Northwood for attending in spite of the weather. 

Hosting your own quiz night is but one easy and fun way to do help CAFOD continue its poverty-fighting work throughout the world.  Why not have a look at our quiz pack online?   We’ll provide you with everything you need to host a quiz night in your parish—even posters to promote the event!  Visit to find out more.  Or, if you find quiz nights to be too trivial of a pursuit, we have a multitude of other ideas for fundraising  that you can make use of.

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