Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to you for your prayers, support and kindness throughout the year. Wishing you the very best of health, happiness and contentment.

May God’s blessing be with you and all those you love at Christmas and the New Year!

Ato Tesfay Hailu, 30yrs, and his wife Woizero Mihret Girmay, 26yrs, with baby, 1yr, and daughter, 3yrs in Biera village, Adigrat, Tigray, North Ethiopia. CAFOD helped people in Biera with water collection and irrigation projects.
Loving God,

As we celebrate this joyful feast of Christmas,
a time of giving and plenty for many,
help us remember how Jesus was born,
without riches or comfort, surrounded by animals.

Strengthen those who have travelled far,
who have no place to lay their head,
who are alone and frightened,
just as your holy family were.

Give us sight beyond the possessions surrounding us,

to our wider family throughout the world,
to those who hunger, who are weary, who fear,
that we may reach out to them in love.


We look forward to seeing many of you at the Understanding CAFOD day on Saturday 21st January or the CAFOD Anniversary Mass on Saturday 28th January. If you would like to join us get in touch with us by email at  

Tony and Eileen


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About westminstereileen

I work with CAFOD Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen to get CAFOD happening in the Diocese of Westminster (North London Herts). I manage our team of office volunteers and our work with 11-18s in the Diocese, encouraging them to change the world by campaigning, giving their time/money and praying.

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