Connect2 and Curry at St Michael’s Worthing

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Over 80 parishioners from St Michael’s in Worthing came together on 5 November for a Curry night in support of CAFOD.

The evening was organized by the Parish’s CAFOD Group, and featured Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen as a guest speaker.  Tony spoke of his inspirational journey meeting CAFOD’s partners in Brazil over the summer, and how, through CAFOD’s Connect2 programme, parishioners from St Michaels could see how their generous outpourings of support helped those in the favelas work to improve their lives

“…with the help of CAFOD partners, [they] lobbied the council for land rights and then materials, before building their own sanitation system.  They then built their own library, collecting over 1000 books from the rubbish heap.  Then a nursery, then a primary school, then a chapel!”  

During the evening, attendees had their pictures taken holding a message in Portuguese for CAFOD’s partners in Brazil, including Feliz Natal  (Happy Christmas), Nós somos St Michael’s de Worthing (We are St Michael’s Worthing),  Lhes enviamos muitos abraços (we send you our love), and Vocês estão nas nossas orações (you are in our prayers). 

Group Members Jane and Deacon Mark Wood raised £535 for CAFOD’s Connect2 Partners in Brazil, in addition to the £500 already raised this summer.  The parish has also supported CAFOD during the two Fast Days and the East Africa appeal

A special thank you to Fr Chris Ingle for his support of CAFOD, and for welcoming Tony into his parish to speak at masses and the curry evening. 

Looking for another opportunity to hear Tony’s story in person?  Tony will be relating his experiences in Brazil on Saturday, 26 November 2011,  at 2pm in the Hinsely Room of Westminster Cathedral, Morpeth Terrace, SW1 1QW. 

Perhaps your parish would like to host an evening to learn more about CAFOD’s work in Brazil and throughout the developing world?  Why not invite Tony to speak at your function, and hear his personal account of how our efforts in the UK are making all the difference in Brazil.  Contact CAFOD Westminster for more information or to make a booking: 0208 449 6970 or

For more information about Connect2, and how your parish can make a direct connection with CAFOD’s partners in Brazil, Rwanda, Bangladesh, El Salvador or elsewhere, visit, or contact CAFOD Westminster.

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