MP Correspondent Reception

Last night 20 CAFOD MP correspondents from the Westminster Diocese, who write to and meet with their MPs regularly about international issues, were joined by more Correspondents, MPs and peers from around the country at a reception in Speakers House, Houses of Parliament.

The night was  opened by Tom Clarke MP who thanked CAFOD supporters for holding MPs to account, Baroness Stowell who spoke of the incredible goodwill of British people and that most do want the international aid budget to be retained, and CAFOD Director Chris Bain who told of the real people whose lives are transformed by the work that CAFOD’s volunteers make possible. The volunteers then mingled with each other and MPs to discuss CAFOD and international development issues.

If you are interested in becoming a MP Correspondent, please see

See below for some photos of the night.

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About westminstereileen

I work with CAFOD Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen to get CAFOD happening in the Diocese of Westminster (North London Herts). I manage our team of office volunteers and our work with 11-18s in the Diocese, encouraging them to change the world by campaigning, giving their time/money and praying.

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