St John Vianney launches livesimply award scheme!

Mariantha and John launch the livesimply award at St. John Vianney, West Green

CAFOD volunteers John and Mariantha from St John Vianney West Green have persuaded their parish to take up the challenge of becoming a Live Simply Parish.  On 16 October, Fr Joe Ryan invited all parishioners and church groups to put their faith into practical action to earn the award. 

To earn the award, the parish must demonstrate at least nine ways in which it is putting the three principles of livesimply into practice.  The three principles are:

  1. To live simply is to take only what we need from the earth, not to demand more and more;
  2. To live sustainably is to take account of the impact our choices on other people and on the earth that nourishes us;
  3. To live in solidarity with those living in poverty is to make a strong and lasting commitment to the common good so that all people can live life to the full. 

Parishioners have already begun to take substantial actions toward simple living and sustainable living.   Parishoners were encouraged to measure their carbon footprint following  Sunday mass using the Carbon Calculator.  This website shows how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you emit annually, and highlights areas of your lifestyle which have the greatest effect on climate change.  The website also provides vital advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint and to take action against climate change. 

Why pursue the livesimply award?  Here are five good reasons from the parish leaflet:

  • Nurture for our spiritual lives, creating time and space to cherish our relationships with ourselves, those around us, and with God;
  • Strength for the bonds of friendship within our parish;
  • Support for taking practical steps to “green” our church—and save money;
  • Help to play our part in tackling big issues like climate change;
  • Connections with the wider community in our neighbourhood and beyond.

More information on the award and actions you can take to live simply is available on CAFOD’s livesimply page.

Why not take part in St John Vianney’s substantial actions to live more sustainably?  To check your carbon footprint and find out what you can do to reduce your CO2 emissions, visit the following websites:

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