Share how you’re not dropping the ball on climate change


With the hot and sunny weather affecting much of the UK earlier this month, few would have guessed that it was the start of October.  The unpredictable weather and changing climate is a global issue, another ball humanity must struggle to juggle.  For those in the developing world, the changing climate may mean drought, famine, or devastating natural disasters such as flooding or typhoons.  This new burden, this extra ball to juggle, is one that neither they nor we can afford to drop. 

Parish communities and volunteers throughout Westminster have been taking action in their local communities throughout the summer to remind the UK government not to drop the ball on climate change.  In August, volunteers gathered over 900 signatures from celebrities and festival goers at the V Festival.  Card signings and parish talks, too, have been a part of masses throughout the Westminster diocese. 

If you are planning an event in your parish or community, we’d like to hear about it!  Send details of the event to us at  If you have already done an event, let us know how it went!  Send us details and photos to the above email address.  If you would like help in setting up an event in your parish, feel free to contact us here in the Westminster office: 0208 449 6970 or the above email address.  For more information on the campaign, including resources for use in your parish and a handy guide to juggling, see the campaign website:

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