Harvest Fast Day: Thank you for your support

CAFOD Westminster would like to extend a huge thank you to all volunteers and supporters who have arranged a talk and a collection for Harvest Fast Day in their local parishes this past weekend.  Your time and effort in inspiring others to make a difference is truly very appreciated.    

Fr Jim Duffy in Northfields

We’d also like to thank the clergy throughout the diocese who allowed our volunteer speakers to give a Harvest Fast Day talk in their parish.  Their continued support of CAFOD is what helps us make the connection between CAFOD supporters in the UK and those throughout the world who benefit from CAFOD’s long-term development work. 

One such supporter, Fr Jim Duffy, of St Peter and Paul in Northfield, West London, is pictured here.  Fr Duffy has been a regular supporter of CAFOD during the Harvest and Lent Fast Days alongside CAFOD volunteer Mary Ward, the parish Justice and Peace Group and the Young CAFOD group.  His personal encouragement and calls for support, as well as the practical support of the parish administrator Anna in arranging and managing fundraising events, is an excellent example of a parish working as one to make a difference during the Fast Day appeals. 

This year, Harvest Fast Day is Friday 7th October and talks and collections will continue to be held through this weekend.  This year’s focus is on giving children throughout the developing world the childhood they deserve: one free from hunger, disease, and suffering.  Full details of and resources for this year’s Fast Day can be found at http://www.cafod.org.uk/fastday.  

Thank you all again for your support during Harvest Fast Day, and for your continued support of the work of CAFOD.

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