There’s More to the V Festival than Music!

A team of CAFOD volunteers from all over London were at the V music festival in Chelmsford to remind young people not to drop the ball on climate change.

 Westminster volunteer James Walker, of Battersea, was one of 12 volunteers encouraging festival goers not to drop the ball on climate change.  He said, “V is a fantastic event that draws a large cross section of society and especially young people. This provides a good opportunity to reach out to self motivated, energetic people who may never otherwise hear about the work of CAFOD.”

James Walker (far left) and other CAFOD volunteers at the V Festival in Chelmsford

The UK government has already pledged some short-term funding to tackle climate change. But this isn’t enough. If people in poverty are to weather its effects, it’s vital the UK provides funding for the long term, and ensures this reaches the most vulnerable communities. Festival-goers were invited to write a postcard to or sign a giant football to be presented to the Chancellor, George Osborne MP asking him to show international leadership on climate finance at the next round of climate talks in Durban, South Africa.  The volunteers gathered over 900 signatures over the course of the festival. 

The CAFOD tent proved a popular stand during the festival, both for the campaign as well as its location opposite the VIP entrance to the festival.  Many celebrities were among those who wrote to the Chancellor, including Pixie Lott, Justin Lee Collins, and the casts of Skins and The Only Way Is Essex

Appropriately, the CAFOD tent also proved a suitable location to weather the effects of the changing UK climate, keeping both volunteers and contributors dry during an outbreak of rain on Saturday. 

Said James: “I believe were able to provide both shelter and give our visitors a sense of empowerment and ability to take a stand and make a difference.”

It’s easy to take action to remind the UK government not to drop the ball on climate change.   If you haven’t signed a card to send to Chancellor George Osborne, you can email him here.   Visit the Campaign Home Page  for tips on getting your parish involved in the campaign, as well as information on climate change.  For a visual display of the importance of not dropping the ball, you can make use of CAFOD’s juggling tips.    

More pictures of the event can be seen on the CAFOD Brentwood blog.

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