Morning has broken. Well, almost!

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My head seems to have only just touched the pillow and I’m being woken for breakfast and dawn Mass.

There is singing, dancing, colour and a feeling of excitement in the square as Mass starts with a procession of flowers and dance. Dom Pedro is on the altar. Readings and prayers are delivered with real passion and conviction.

The Church has also invited and transported local indigenous groups to participate, which adds to the occasion.

We greet the readings with a lovely hymn which translates “The Word of the Lord is coming”

It is now 37˚C!!!!

A Guaranese indigenous leader pleads for an end to the invasion of their territories, calls for the demarcation of their land and thanks us for our support. He continues that we must all care for the land for future generations. If we don’t there will be no life. We must care for the forests, the water and the animals. We must never stop  We must keep resisting.

The T Shirt of the chap in front of me says “However small and insignificant  it may seem, together we can achieve change”

We are welcomed from the altar and bring up the CAFOD flag and images representing our supporters’ prayers and solidarity at the offertory procession.

After Mass I visit the small chapel in the square and place prayers on the altar from many CAFOD supporters in England and Wales.

It s time to load the bus and get ready for our 36 hour coach ride back to Sao Paulo!

I’ll leave the last words to Dom Pedro Casaldáliga who said

“ This will be my last pilgrimage, you are the people of hope, you are the people of Easter. A better world is possible”  17th July 2011

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