Heading off on The Martyrs Pilgrimage

Tony Sheen writes:

Sarah and I are invited to Sueli’s CAFOD MDF Partner for dinner. We also joined by fellow MDF workers Andre and his wife Anna Paulo who I previously met in the Villa Prudente Favela, Oscar Romero  Youth Centre in 2006.

Helouiza and Osmar from APOIO also come to see us off. Osmar, who is co-ordinator from APOIO, told us his life story which was incredibly challenging and inspirational.   I will write up later on the trip as has a story of courage and hope.

 We meet our fellow pilgrim’s including Jarino Junio Martins known as  Jaja and  his wife Cindy from MDF for a welcome meeting and prayer at the San Paulo Pastarol Centre.

We start with prayers for our journey and those we will meet on our 1600 KM pilgrimage to Sao Felix. We then sing hymns and dance as a prayer!!

As we set off out of the busy city there are many smiling faces speaking very loudly and expressive in Portuguese!!

 It’s very difficult to sleep with not much leg room, so the night is very long.

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