Signs of Hope: APOIO success Keys to the Door

Tony Sheen writes:

Osmar and Heluiza from APOIO then told us how their campaigns were bearing fruit and took us to meet families for whom they have secured save and affordable housing.

They included:

Wilma Gomez who moved into her house last July and will pay 100 Reais a month (approx £39) with the government paying an extra subsidy of 3oo Reais per month (approx £118) for the next 2.5 years.

Wilma said she thanks God and CAFOD’s partner APOIO who are great  (Wilma previously lived in a Favela and then an occupation).

 “ My House My Life”

APOIO is working with the authorities to secure affordable housing using the “ My House My Life” federal government scheme.  As a result, APOIO  has secured 57 homes in the new “ Teotonio Vilela” Housing estate in the East of the City of São Paulo.  On 4 August 2011 57 families will be given keys to their own homes in these new blocks of 480 apartments . The families will pay between 50 Reais to 135 Reais per month (£19 to £53, approximately).

Teotonio Village

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