Tony’s Blog – Arriving in Brazil

Tony Sheen writes:

Tuesday, 12 June 2011

Arrived safely in San Paulo after all night flight.

We were collected from the Airport  at 5am by Sueli, our CAFOD  partner from MDF (Movimento de Defensa do Favelas).

São Paulo is  South America’s largest city, where over two million live in shanty towns, many families sharing just one room, with no proper sewerage, running water or electricity.

Tackling poverty in cities is a major focus of our work in Brazil, which began in 1968.  With our partners MDF and APOIO,  CAFOD is working on both addressing people’s basic needs and also tackling underlying causes of poverty,  pushing the government to take responsibility for its citizens.

Many parishes and Schools in England and Wales have been made aware of this through the CAFOD connect2  scheme and have sent messages of solidarity to our partners and the people they work alongside.

This morning I presented Sueli a medal from St Columba’s Secondary School in Hertfordshire and a short DVD with messages of support.  Sueli was very moved to watch the video  and receive the message of solidarity sent.

I am looking forward to visiting the CAFOD connect 2 communities in the coming days as well as joining Sueli and other CAFOD Partners on the Martyrs Pilgrimage which starts this Thursday.

Click here to read more of my journey to Brazil


2 thoughts on “Tony’s Blog – Arriving in Brazil

  1. Dear Tony

    I am glad to heard that you have landed safely. I wish you all the best.You are in my prayers. God bless you. Good luck! will talk when you get back.
    Lots of love,


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