Kenya trip: Adventures in Kitui

Meeting the World Gifts goats

Emet and Theo write>>

We’ve spent the last two days in the Kitui Diocese—a remote, rural part of Kenya , typical for its agricultural lifestyle. Kitui has been a striking contrast to Korogocho; the people of Kitui live in the sticks and face a daily struggle to grow crops on account of the lack of water and drought that has plagued Kenya for the past five years.

CAFOD has been trying to help through various projects such as dam building and greenhouse projects. We also saw goats paid for by world gifts, which really put our efforts at our world gifts stall at the Columban Fayre last year into perspective.

The whole time we were in Kitui we couldn’t shake the image of Korogocho from our minds. Everywhere we went, we kept going back to Korogocho in our thoughts and our conversations. We all realise that our time here has been a life-changing experience. It’s difficult to explain in words what we have experienced, and it will take weeks and even months to fully explain what we have lived through. Hopefully, the best explanation we will be able to give is the way we respond to what we have seen here when we get home. We hope that you all will help us with that too.

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2 thoughts on “Kenya trip: Adventures in Kitui

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just read through all your blogs and found them very moving. You really bring the trip to life. I’m so pleased it was the profound experience we’d all hoped for you. All the best for the conference, and all the other ways you’ll be able to share your stories,

    Kathleen (in Oz)

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