Kenya trip: Nancy’s house

Outside Nancy's house

Theo writes>>

We had the privilege of visiting a local member of St John’s sport society, Nancy. She is a karate student with amazing talent as she is participating in a karate tournament in Asia. We are all in high spirits for Nancy and I’m sure she will do her family proud.

On our walk to her house, we travelled through the slums of Korogocho. What we saw was both shocking and depressing; the fact that they are allowed to live in such conditions and absolutely nothing is being done to change their lives is disheartening. Shanty homes are nothing like the photos you see at home, when you see them for the first time in front of you, with a family of seven attempting to live a normal life…it is hurtful. The stench from the open sewers made us feel queasy, however we did not want to upset our friends.

On entering her home, the first thing that struck us was the darkness. It was light outside yet the room was pitch black. Also, the size instantly shocked us. 6 people shared a room no bigger than my kitchen which is not large. Even though I complimented her home, inside I grieved for her as no one deserves to live in these circumstances. One great positive was the quantity of Nancy’s medals and how proud she was of them. It showed the hope she had and how much she enjoys it which is breathtaking.

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One thought on “Kenya trip: Nancy’s house

  1. Hi guys, your post is moving in its honesty. But I disagree that nothing is being done about conditions in the slums – you are doing something! By extending your hand in friendship, by all the fundraising you and your schoolmates have done for CAFOD and by how you will tell the world about Korogocho on your return, you are making a difference to the people you have met and millions in similar situations around the world!

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