Kenya trip: Heart speaks unto heart

Father John

Emet and Theo write…

Before Mass, Father John who runs St John’s Sports Society spoke to us briefly. His words were so inspirational and touched our hearts.

He told us how he chose to live in the slums with his people without electricity even though he had the chance to live in better conditions. This highlights what a remarkable and amazing man he is. The activities he does are saint-like.

I (Theo) was shocked that in such a casual conversation, he spoke with such authority. I have never witnessed this. I genuinely was stunned with admiration for this man and how he had so much hope and faith in God and how he wished to help so many people with his talents.

I (Emet) was utterly blown away by how such an inspirational man has such hope for his people despite the upsetting situation he is in. His commitment to God was so powerful that even I, being a Muslim, asked to have a blessing from him because his message is divine-like

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