Kenya trip: A great celebration

Mass in Korogocho

Theo and Emet write…

Before leaving Nairobi we joined a four hour celebratory mass. It was by far the greatest mass we have been to.

We began with a 2 hour procession on the streets. Seeing everyone dancing and singing showed how much everyone worshipped God and how much they place hope in him.

The mass itself is so different from England. The children were dancing at the front and the choir were amazing.

We were all involved in the offertory which was special. Being by the altar we were right in the middle of the singing and dancing. It was beautiful.

We were definitely taken aback by the mass as members of St Johns from all ages all united to contribute to one ritual in the name of God. When we were asked to come to the front and join in with the offerings, we felt honoured as we felt that we belonged. It was simply breathtaking.

Next we leave for Kitui Diocese in rural Kenya.

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