Kenya trip: Newton and his boys

Isaac with the visitors from Westminster and PortsmouthEmet writes>>

Isaac (hope you realised the play on words) was one of our best friends we met at St Johns. He is a national boxer and is due to represent his country in an upcoming international championship.

I met Isaac while Theo was doing a presentation. Poverty was not a barrier between us as we instantly clicked talking about each other’s lives and cracking jokes as if buddies for a long time. He is an example of what people in St John sports society are like, kind, caring and despite their struggle; they are exactly like me and Theo in terms of sharing aspirations and wanting an ordinary life.

It overwhelmed me when I witnessed Isaac training as you could see the commitment and dedication as this is his only hope of escaping the shocking inhuman conditions of the Korogocho slum. I can only hope to bring home half the determination Issac possesses.

Us three became very close in two days and it was a great shame having to say goodbye to him.

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