Spirit in The City

Many thanks to Alana, Mary, Anne, Dylan and Marconne from Hanwell parish who represented CAFOD at last weekend’s Spirit in the City evangelisation festival in Soho Square.

The CAFOD volunteers had a wonderful time meeting festival-goers and passersby. They invented some lively games that helped people learn about CAFOD’s work and distributed some ever-popuar CAFOD stickers and information.

Alana said, ‘The event was really positive. It provided people from different walks of life with the opportunity to know about CAFOD, what we do and who we are but most importantly that what they do can make a difference.’

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and to the Spirit in the City event organisers who invited CAFOD to take part.

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About westminstereileen

I work with CAFOD Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen to get CAFOD happening in the Diocese of Westminster (North London Herts). I manage our team of office volunteers and our work with 11-18s in the Diocese, encouraging them to change the world by campaigning, giving their time/money and praying.

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