Theo and Emet arrive in Kenya


On the plane to Kenya

The Arrival:


Right…having arrived at the Methodist Guest house in Nairobi, myself and Theo are extremely tired (me much more), however we have made friends already! One named Stanley who works here. To my dissapointment, he supports Arsenal which him and Theo share in common, along with a hug. It has been a bit hard attempting to get used to our surroundings and and getting use to being in Nairobi…not St Albans. We both are very excited to get the trip under way. We are visiting a slum on sunday.


Kwaheri (Swahili for Goodbye)


Theo and Emet

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2 thoughts on “Theo and Emet arrive in Kenya

    You both look like your having fun on the plane before the real work starts!!!
    It was lovely speaking to you this evening Emet.
    Regards to all
    Mum xxx

  2. We have heard in the CAFOD office today that Theo has made it onto the front page of the Enfield Gazette! Thanks guys for being great faces for CAFOD in the local media!

    Hope your trip is going well – it is baking hot in London today so we are getting a little flavour of the African sun you must be experiencing.

    Best wishes and prayers,

    Eileen and Tony

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