In the Footsteps of Oscar Romero

Katherine (left) and her mum meet Rosa Idalia in Puentecitos, a community they are in touch with through CAFOD’s Connect 2 scheme

Katherine (17) visited El Salvador as part of a Romero Trust pilgrimage in November and also had the opportunity to meet people CAFOD works with in Puentecitos. She describes her experiences …

Before my visit to El Salvador, I knew very little about the country and it’s history. I travelled with my Mum and for both of us it was our first visit to Central America so we arrived full of excitement although admittedly with a sense of apprehension!

I truly believe that I have been changed by this experience and I feel tremendously fortunate to have met all the people along the journey, to listen to their stories of pain yet also of incredible hope and determination. I don’t think that I will ever forget our visit to El Mozote, which was the site of the massacre of almost 1000 men, women and children in 1981 by the army. It was absolutely devastating to stand in a place of such waste and destruction. Sadly in El Salvador this case is not isolated. Amazingly, however I have left inspired by the love and utter humility of individuals working for change in El Salvador.

Our parish, St Margaret’s in Twickenham, has taken part in the CAFOD Connect 2 project that links us with the parish of Puentecitos in El Salvador. On the last day of our pilgrimage we were lucky enough to have the chance to visit the village and representatives from the project and community. It was so rewarding to meet the people who had once just been faces on the CAFOD website! In the village’s church we were reminded that Connect 2 is about sharing and exchanging ideas, thought, actions and prayers between communities which though very different share so much in common.

Back at college it has been very difficult to fully express our 10 days together, however I am now doing a number of presentations and essays on the country and hope to learn Spanish so that one day I can return and not rely on a translator!

Would you like to join Connect 2 and exchange messages with the people CAFOD works with overseas? Contact us for more info.

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