Big Climate Connection

CAFOD supporters from all over Westminster Diocese ranging from Chipping Barnet, St Albans and Highbury to Battersea, Ealing and Bethnal Green lobbied their MPs in November to encourage them to help poorer countries to deal with the effects of climate change and to curb carbon emissions in the UK.

CAFOD supporters partnered with other faith and charity groups as part of a national lobby called the Big Climate Connection. In Enfield our CAFOD Group led by Tony Sheen visited the local mosque while they were waiting to see their local MP, David Burrowes.

The Welwyn Hatfield Group was particularly lucky as their MP, Grant Shapps, the Housing Minister, agreed to write to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change to express his support. He also pledged to work with the group over the next year to ensure progress is made.

CAFOD partners are helping people to adapt to climate change, whether it is by switching to mushroom farming on land that can no longer support rice in Bangladesh or starting organic farming in the Phillipines, To help our partners, CAFOD is therefore pushing for the UK Government to support such measures around the globe . Over the coming months, our supporters will continue to press MPs to push for strong measures to be included in the Energy Bill and to take a lead in climate talks.

See our gallery below for photos from the lobby. If you have any of your own, please email them to


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