Christmas and the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony and his mum celebrate Christmas

Happy Christmas Mum!

“What do you want for Christmas Mum?”

The above question is asked in my house each year and I’m sure similar ones in many others. To which my mum replies, “I don’t need anything.” I then say, “But I’d like to buy you something!”…………

How do I reconcile this materialistic ritual with the birth of Christ bringing good news to the poor living more simply and putting my faith into action?

Last year I came up with the ideal gift for Mum, which she told me was her best ever Christmas present. This was called a ‘CAFOD World Gift’ which cost me £10. Mum received a certificate to say seeds and tools would be provided to a family to give them a chance to grow their own vegetables.

These gifts can be bought via the CAFOD web page

Around the world CAFOD partners are working in solidarity with the poor to help many living on less than 80p a day work their own way out of poverty and injustice.

Supporters in Parishes and Schools in the Westminster have again been visibly putting faith into action through their support of CAFOD.

The response in donations for the CAFOD emergencies appeals for Haiti and Pakistan plus the long term development work funded by the twice yearly Fast Days demonstrates the Catholic community in Westminster still want to help in spite of the financial crisis.

Thank you to all for your generosity. We are dependent on the generosity of volunteers and supporters to continue our work.

As we look forward to 2011 some of you might be thinking of New year resolutions

Perhaps you know someone who is concerned about global injustice, who may like to volunteer? CAFOD is currently seeking to recruit volunteers with good communication skills to talk on our behalf in parishes and Schools

Please contact the CAFOD Westminster office by e mailing for further details and to register for a prospective volunteer training day called Understanding CAFOD which will be held on Saturday 22nd January in Lambeth.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together we are making a difference!

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