Bloomin’ Marvellous. Berkhamsted Flower Festival raises £2000 for CAFOD.

From the 16th – 18th June, Sacred Heart parish in Berkhamsted was ablaze with colour as the parish held its first Flower Festival this millennium.  Whilst it was primarily held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official opening of the church, the festival also raised over £2000 for CAFOD, a fantastic amount!

The event was first conceived of six months ago, when parishioners decided they wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the consecration of their church.  Having calculated how much money would be needed to fund the event, generous parishioners then made contributions towards to displays, often in memory of  loved ones who had died or an event such as a wedding anniversary.  Heather Houston and Lina Iannone led the church effort and by all accounts were absolutely amazing.  They invited churches across Berkhamsted to join in and present their own displays, all of which were based on the theme of creation, making the occasion truly ecumenical.

Garden of Eden by Heather Houston on the right with Lina Iannone fellow organiser

The Sacred Heart was transformed by the floral creations, which were set up all around the church, and the parish centre was even set up to look like a garden.  Once they’d finished admiring the displays, visitors were able to buy plants and refreshments, with the money raised going to CAFOD, the parish priest, Fr. John’s, charity of choice.

Leslie Waites, one of Sacred Heart’s CAFOD representatives, said:

“The overall effect and the standard of the work was so fantastic.  When we walked in it was actually quite emotional.  I’ve been to lots of flower festivals before, but to see one in your own place of worship was breathtaking.”

Tony Sheen, CAFOD representative in Berkhamsted, said:

“A huge thank you to Heather Houston and Lina Iannone for organising the event, to Pamela Ferguson for her boundless creativity and to all the others involved in making this such a fantastic event.  It was wonderful to see all the different churches coming together to create such beautiful displays and it was a truly lovely occasion.”

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Thank you Douay Martyrs, Ickenham

Douay Martyrs fundraise for CAFOD!

Thank you to the staff and students at Douay Martyrs Catholic School in Ickenham for raising money for CAFOD.  This is a great example of the community working together to help those in need.  Staff and students alike gave up break and lunch-times, to stay after school to donate and make cakes.

Douay Martyrs students raise money for CAFOD

Douay Martyrs students raise money for CAFOD

There were a wide variety of different stalls including: hot- chocolate stalls, guess how many sweets in the jar, guess the fluffy toy name, unwanted gift sale and many other fundraising events including a Global Fashion show!

Luisa Foley, Chaplain said, “I  believe this is not just about money, it also about the two-fold commandment; love of God and love of neighbour in action.”

Thank you once again to the staff and students for getting involved and raising money for CAFOD!

You too can fundraise for CAFOD! Get advice and support on how to fundraise for us, whether you’re organising your own event or raising funds through your parish or school.


Inspiring Students and Staff with Bob the Fish

This Lent, we have met Florence who transformed little fish like Bob into something amazing.

CAFOD Volunteer with students, sharing the story of Bob the fish Lent 2017

CAFOD Volunteer, Lesley Waite  with students, sharing the story of Bob the fish

Thank you to CAFOD Schools Volunteers Lesley Waite and David Brinsden for sharing the Lenten story of Bob the Fish to students in the Westminster diocese.

Check out some facts about little fish like Bob!

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