St Columba’s College hold their annual Fairtrade Bake Off

Well done to St Columba’s College hold their annual Fairtrade Bake Off!


Guertin House Cake Stall

St Columba’s College, St Albans held a final feast before the start of Lent with their Annual Bake Off for CAFOD. Joe Tatham, teacher and school charity coordinator said  ‘It was another amazing response from the students, with over 50 cakes in the competition. Creations included a fast food hamburger meal and Zambian Banana cake. Many students made cakes with their house logos on them’


Burger Cake

Burger Cake

Each cake had a Fairtrade ingredient and was sold in a lunchtime cake sale and raised £320 for CAFOD. The teachers enjoyed being the judges and the students enjoyed plenty of cake. Earlier in the year they held pastoral lessons dedicated to social justice issues using CAFOD website resources. It helped raise awareness of CAFOD’s work around the world.

It was another successful charity event and a fun way to support CAFOD!

‘Giving it up’ for CAFOD this Lent!

Check out what one Young Parishioner has given up this Lent!

Tiago is 'Giving it up' for CAFOD this Lent

Give It Up for CAFOD this Lent!

Young Parishioner from Sacred Heart of Jesus parish has been giving up his hot chocolate and Friday treats to help teach children to read. He said, ‘I like reading so it would be good if other children can read too’. He has previously used his pocket money at Christmas to buy other World Gifts such as providing water, and bees for honey. The ‘Teach someone to read’ gift provides life changing literacy classes for children, contributing to their education, work, pleasure activities and self-improvement.

His  mother Paula said ‘I am very proud of my son and as a big supporter of CAFOD myself I am so delighted that he is caring for others’.

You too can Give It Up this Lent for CAFOD! Check out our website for more information on how to get involved.

Everything you need for Family Fast Day on 23 February!

We’ve got everything you need for a Family Fast Day on 23 February.


CAFOD Westminster Volunteers getting ready for Family Fast Day talks in their parishes

Find materials for your parish display, prayers for quiet contemplation, and Lenten inspiration.






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