CAFOD at Sacred Heart Tring Concert and Flower Sale

A big thank you to the Parish of Sacred Heart, Tring.

Parishioners form Sacred Heart, Tring

Parishioners form Sacred Heart, Tring

The Parish of Sacred Heart, Tring recently hosted a concert to help raise money for CAFOD.

CAFOD would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved at the concert, it sounded like great fun!



CAFOD Volunteers David Brinsden and Lesley Waite

CAFOD Volunteers David Brinsden and Lesley Waite

Thank you also to CAFOD Volunteers David Brinsden and Lesley Waite for helping to organise not only a concert but also a flower sale in the Parish.

The concert itself was able to raise an amazing £1060, with an additional £100 raised through the flower sale.

Thank you once again to the Parish for all the support!


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Meet CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator Michael Walsh

Get to know CAFOD Campaign’s Volunteer Michael Walsh!

Michael Walsh New Campaigns Co-Ordinator

Michael Walsh New Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator

“My name is Michael Walsh and I have been a supporter of CAFOD throughout my adult years.  My involvement deepened from 2008 when I became a volunteer at the Diocesan office over the Church of Christ the King in Oakwood and this year I became a Volunteer Campaign Coordinator in the Westminster Diocese. I am a parishioner at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield and have given fast day talks there on several occasions. This fundraising is crucial for CAFOD to reach poor communities round the world to help people like Nicanora in the Altiplano region of Bolivia and Florence in Northern Zambia and their families become self-reliant and the Catholic community in the Diocese always responds generously. ” Continue reading

Welcome the Stranger Service

Thank you to all who attended the lovely service at St. Monica’s Church.

Thank you to everyone involved or who attended the Welcoming the Stranger service on Wednesday 19 April.


Welcoming the Stranger with the Lampedusa Cross

St Monica’s parish, Enfield the Welcoming the Stranger group hosted the event at Palmers Green. See for further information.

In the service, Fr Paulo explained about the refugee situation and the significance of the Lampedusa cross.

The service was attended by representatives from the Enfield Refugee Welcome Group, including CAFOD Volunteer Frances Halliday and Alan Seldon from St Monica’s parish. Information leaflets were distributed to everyone who attended. See

St Monica’s has already had a collection which raised £2700, with the Church of Christ the King, Cockfosters raising an additional £1400.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in the service. Send a message of hope today and support the Refugee Crisis.